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Interview: Adelaide Kane (HULU’s Into the Dark: Uncanny Annie)

Uncanny Annie, the latest installment of Blumhouse’s Into the Dark event series, only on Hulu. The episode debuts on October 4, just in time for Halloween!”

Hi Janel!

Hi Adelaide, How are you?

Adelaide- I am good.

How did you get involved with the Into the Dark series and the episode you are in is, Uncanny Annie.

Adelaide- I’ve worked with Blumhouse before. They are great people and they are doing great things in horror. I had a good conversation with Paul Davis (the director). We had a good coffee meeting and talked about video games, TV shows we love and a bunch of nerd stuff. He is the biggest horror movie nerd you’ll ever meet in your life.

I love that!

Adelaide- Yes, there isn’t a horror movie he hasn’t seen. It was sort of like a perfect storm. I adore him and he’s amazing. I was so excited to do this project.

I love that and I love when people are excited about Horror movies.

Adelaide- Horror is one of those things, I cannot watch scary movies. I can’t watch them. I get too afraid but I love shooting them. Horror movies are so much fun to shoot. I’m a good crier, I’m a good screamer, and horror was my bread and butter when I first moved to Los Angeles. I really love working on horror sets. The stunts, the makeup and the gore. No one can themselves too seriously when you are running through a dusty basement in the dark being chased by a giant demon beast. It is my favorite genre to work in.

Did you have to do anything special to play Wendy?

Adelaide- Not really. She’s the version of me that studied really hard but way cooler than I ever was. I’ll tell you what though, learning to talk around those vampire things that was definitely a learning curve. I come off with kind of a hard edge. I think because I’m Australian and I’m no-nonsense all the time. I worked with my coach to soften Wendy up and soften myself up. I didn’t have my usual edge for her. I did a couple of coaching sessions for her.

My mom has some friends that live in Australia and she sent us a care package with the most beautiful calendars I have ever seen. It looks like a beautiful place.

Adelaide- It is beautiful. It should be on the bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We got a lot going on there. It is a beautiful country.

What was it like working with the director, Paul Davis?

Adelaide- It was fantastic. I’ve never met anyone with more encyclopedic knowledge of films. He is remarkable and he did a fantastic job.

What do you want to say to everyone that is watching the show? So many people are so excited for this. All of you do such a great job. Would you come back for another episode?

Adelaide- Blumhouse is a well-oiled machine. They know the genre. I would come back again. I sincerely hope the fans can feel how connected the cast is. I hope people think it’s a great new addition to the show. We all worked really hard. I hope they like it.

What do you like to watch on Halloween? We include The Purge as one of our Halloween movies we watch now ever year!

Adelaide- HEYYY!!! I like watching anything by Tim Burton. I like Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas and I want to deck out my front lawn with a blow-up Oogie Boogie and dress up as Sally. I don’t know if I’m going to have time though. I really want to hand out candy this year. I also love the Scary Movie trilogy.

I love that so much! I love those movies and the Scary Movies are so funny!

Adelaide- Yeah, Anna Faris, she just cracks me up. I listen to her podcast. I have so much respect for that chick.

She is funny! She is naturally funny. I thank you so much and Happy Halloween!

Adelaide- Thank you. I appreciate it! Happy Halloween!

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