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Interview: Luke Baines (A Dark Place)

Luke Baines (“The Girl in the Photographs”, “Shadowhunters”) took the time to speak with Horrornews.net about his new film. “A Dark Place.”

Hi Luke, How are you?

Luke- I’m good, how are you doing?

So tell me how you got involved with the film, “A Dark Place” and why you decided to take on the role as Alex?

Luke- An audition that was sent to me through my agent. I read the script and just fell in love with it. It is so rare to see independent films that are based on human relationships. A lot of them are horror movies or superhero movies that are getting made. It was nice to do something that was a drama and the core of it was about people. It was something that I had not had a chance to play before. I have done a lot of these supernatural roles. It was a nice opportunity to do something where I got to focus on why people do the things that they do. To actually bring out the human emotion.

I spoke with the director Christopher Pinero. What was it like for you working with Christopher? You did such a great job in the film. You always sort of disappear into these characters and you sort of fall in love with the roles you portray.  

Luke- Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to watch a small independent film because not a lot of people want to do that. That is something that I want to make sure as an actor, to leave myself behind. It is obviously still me… because well, my face. I like to try and build a character from the ground up and step into somebodies else’s shoes and try and understand why they do the things they do. I think from that, I am able to build a character that is a full, living breathing separation from who I am.

What was it like working with Christopher?

Luke- It was wonderful. I was somewhat hesitant to go into the role because we only had twelve days to shoot it. We we’re under the crunch and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to pull of what was required for Alex. I met Chris and he has so much passion and he loves movie-making so much. There was just something about him. I want to work with someone who loves this as much as you do. He cares about actors and what he is doing. I’ve gotten to do things that I had never got the chance to do before. I’ve worked on everything from a hundred thousand dollar and a hundred million dollar movie. It was nice to be able to collaborate with someone and have fun.

This character is sort of…. I don’t want to say he is in a rut but much deeper. Did you have to do anything to get into that space to play Alex?

Luke- Yes. I actually had a playlist of music that unnerved me. I also over caffeinated myself every day because it gives me the jitters. I felt like he was constantly on edge. There is something about caffeine that helped me get there. It was tough to get into that head space every day but it was tougher to get out of it.

I like the idea of what Christopher said this film came from a dream. I have a saying, “May your nightmares inspire you.” It is meaningful that you can go through something horrible and create something amazing from it.

Luke- This film was like therapy. I used a lot of real life stuff. I did go through some old videos on my phone of my ex and I listened to some songs that we had listened to before we shot a couple of those scenes. It is great because what you see on-screen is closer to reality than had I imagined it. It also allowed me to explore that. There was one song that I listened to a lot that reminded me of my ex and I used to cry every time I listened to it and now I can listen to it and I don’t cry. The film helped me with that.

Isn’t music amazing like that. It takes you to a beautiful memory, a sad memory.

Luke- And a smell and a time. The theme and the nostalgia. That is why I find it so helpful to use music.

What are you working on next? Each time I hear you have a new film out, I am always excited.

Luke- Thank you. I am just in the audition phase at the moment. I took a bit of a break after I did “Shadowhunters” because it was intense. I had a couple of opportunities that I turned down because I want to make sure what I do next is a step forward and something I feel passionate about. I hurt myself a lot on “Shadowhunters” because I never know when to phone it in. I am always overcommitting. So, I want to make sure the next project I do is something I feel so passionate about.

What would you like to say to your fans and to the people who will be watching, “A Dark Place?”

Luke- If I would speak to them directly, I would say thank you for supporting independent films. It is important, specifically something like this that was funded directly by the filmmakers themselves. I think that there is so much out there for people to watch. If they are watching this, I am grateful. I hope they get to see a different side of me. Also, to be introduced to these other actors.

You are amazing Luke. Thank you so much. You disappear and the characters you portray are great.

Luke- Thank you. That is so sweet. I appreciate it. That means a lot to me.





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