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The Death’s Parade Film Fest 2019 Inaugural Lineup is here!

The Death’s Parade Film Fest 2019 inaugural lineup is here! We received so many high-quality submissions we branched into the burgeoning world of virtual cinema to hold a one-night exclusive festival in Sansar called Terror Vault! two days before our event in San Jose, California. With both events combined, we arranged close to 11 hours of programming featuring a mix of short films, feature-length premieres, and multiple filmmaker panels for your horrific viewing pleasure. You can view the full selection here https://www.deathparadefilmfest.com/program, but here is a list of some of the titles we’re drooling to screen:

Artik (Directed by Tom Skowronski) – Sure to be a crowd favorite, Artik revolves around a comic book obsessed serial killer’s sinister plan to train his son to be his replacement. His plans are interrupted when his son lures a well-meaning stranger, Holton, back to their secluded farm threatening to expose their families terrifying secret. Tom Skowronski and Jerry G. Angelo will be attendance to talk about the film!

One Must Fall (Directed by Antonio Pantoja) A horror-comedy slasher set in the 80’s about a woman wrongfully fired from her office job and forced to take on a temporary job on a crime scene cleanup crew. With a maniacal serial killer on the loose leaving them lots of work, did he ever leave the scene of the crime? Rising star Daniel de Weldon’s performance as a recovering addict is a must-watch.

Playtime’s Over (Directed by Tony Reames) West Coast Premiere! The only thing Dee loves more than a classic horror movie is terrorizing the babysitter. It’s New Years Eve, Dee’s parents are looking forward to one of the rare nights without their angel. Little does Laurie, the new babysitter know, the fifty bucks an hour won’t cover the years of therapy needed after spending one night with Dee and her stuffed friends. A wonderfully done horror satire covering the genre’s most popular franchises.

Disposition (Directed by Eric Thirteen) – (Terror Vault!) A young woman who is trying to manage depression and medication is stalked by her own darkness. Visions of brutal violence may be her only escape.

Quiet Room Bears (Directed by Lee Howard) Simon’s week alone for home renovations quickly turns into a nightmarish spiral into madness and horror with the arrival of a mysterious teddy bear, whose dark origins are more sinister than they seem. Welcome to the horrific world of the Quiet Room Bears. You’ll never look at a teddy bear the same way again.

Butterfly (Directed by Ella McKeon) This short film, brilliantly done by a teenager girl, is an honest and unflinching look at how an adolescent views herself in an ever-changing world. It begins with a thought, “We are not what people say we are …and that’s ok”.

Munecas (Directed By Eva Munoz) (Terror Vault!) We’re thrilled to have a number of expertly-shot Spanish horror films in the program. Munecas follows a rape victim who later kidnaps a man and forces him to play a disturbing game of questions and answers.

Swipe (Directed by Niels Bourgonje) A spine-tingling tale about a girl who finds out she has a match on a dating app with a stranger, despite swiping him left moments prior.

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