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Film Review: Mirror Shadows (short film) (2019)

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A thirteen year old girl finds she is not alone in the house. Can she survive the sinister presence?


More short films, kiddies! Today we have MIRROR SHADOWS, written and directed by Peter Dorn-Ravlin.

I couldn’t find any IMDB or on-line information about the director, cast, or crew for this film other than a youtube channel apparently belonging to Mr. Dorn-Ravlin. so I’m just gonna wing it.

Our story opens on a young girl named Sophie (Julia Young), home alone on a sick day. Her mother had to go somewhere but left a note that her doctor would be along to check on her.

Meanwhile, Doctor Kirk (Mitchell Ritter) is filing his reports for the day, and calls to check on Sophie before coming over.

And it all gets weird from there. I’m not exactly sure I understood what I watched, or what the story was, but there were some really good things going on that make this film worth the time to watch.

Beautiful videography by Steve Ritchie. Interesting use of black/white to color, although not sure if its a storytelling tool or something else.

The score is wonderfully ambient. Seems to tell its own story, to be honest. Sets the mood for the film and carries the viewer along.

So maybe I didn’t quite get this one, but a good watch nonetheless.

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  1. Peter Dorn Ravlin

    Thank you for reviewing my short take care


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