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The Official KISS Poster Book #2 IS AVAILABLE NOW

With an epic 45-year career that changed music and entertainment forever, KISS will be hanging up their touring boots at the conclusion of the current multi-year End Of The Road tour. To celebrate their legacy, Texas-based publisher FANTASM MEDIA has teamed up with the rock icons again to release The Official KISS Poster Book #2. For die-hard KISS fans, collectors and completists, the second issue highlights the gimmicks and brings the current stage show to life with pull-out posters featuring the band members doing what they do best.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to continue working with KISS,” says Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Brian Steward. “As a lifelong KISS fan and collector, I approach creating The Official KISS Poster Book from the perspective of, ‘What would I want to see as a fan?’ That’s what’s most important.” And one thing KISS fans definitely do is collect. To meet that collector need, FANTASM MEDIA is offering six alternate covers, each featuring different images not only on the front but also the back.

As with issue #1, this issue of The Official KISS Poster Book features exclusive interviews and a completely new card set. Fans also get an extensive End Of The Road photo gallery. Featured interviews are Adam Rifkin, director of Detroit Rock City; Jim Neff of Cadillac, Michigan; and David Pea, designer of Sammy the Serpent and Gene’s current Demon costume.

The Official KISS Poster Book #2 joins The Official KISS Poster Book #1 and the two issues of The Official KISS Magazine at Fantasm-Media.com. Fantasm Media produces high-quality collectible magazines focusing on the most popular names in music, horror and pop culture. The next issue of The Official KISS Poster Book will be released later this year.


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