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Home | Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS & Adam Rifkin’s DIRECTOR’S CUT Join Modern VHS Line

Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS & Adam Rifkin’s DIRECTOR’S CUT Join Modern VHS Line

Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS & Adam Rifkin’s DIRECTOR’S CUT Join Modern VHS Line
Plus Adam Green’s VICTOR CROWLEY Gets Anniversary Variant
BrokeHorrorFan.com presents Yoga Hosers, Director’s Cut, and Victor Crowley on limited edition, fully functional VHS! The latest contemporary horror films to join the retro home video line are available now at WitterEntertainment.com.
Yoga Hosers features newly commissioned artwork by Dark Horse Comics artist Will Perkins in black clamshell cases. Choose from two editions: the standard version, limited to 75, and the line art variant, a hand-numbered edition of 25 signed by Perkins.
The 2016 teen horror-comedy is written and directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma). It stars Harley Quinn Smith (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Lily-Rose Depp (Tusk), Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Smith himself.
Director’s Cut is packaged in black clamshell cases featuring artwork by Johnny Oliver Tabor. Supervised by director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, The Last Movie Star), this release is limited to 50 tapes.
The 2016 meta horror film includes a letter from Adam Rifkin and an exclusive introduction by writer/star Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame). Stay tuned after the movie for a special feature: the crowdfunding pitch video.
Victor Crowley celebrates the first anniversary of its VHS debut with new artwork by Vasilis Zikos in white clamshell cases. Two editions are available: standard, limited to 75, and bloody, limited to 25. A small quantity with Will Perkins’ original artwork is still in stock as well.

The 2017 slasher includes a letter from writer-director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen). Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Parts VII-X), Parry Shen (Hatchet), Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), and Brian Quinn (Impractical Jokers) star.

All films are officially licensed and have been cropped from their original aspect ratio to 4:3 for optimal VHS presentation. They’re available while supplies last at WitterEntertainment.com.
Set in the Great White North of Canada, Yoga Hosers tells the story of Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie (Lily-Rose Depp & Harley Quinn Smith) – who spend their days doing yoga with their faces in their phones, ‘Liking’ or ‘Not Liking’ the real world around them. When these Sophomore girls are invited to a Senior party by the school hottie Hunter Calloway (Austin Butler), the Colleens accidentally uncover an ancient evil, long buried beneath the Manitoba earth. They team up with a legendary man-hunter, Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp) to battle with this ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.
Yoga Hosers is also available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital via Invincible Entertainment. Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/9VQjIoHpC9I
Herbert Blount (Penn Jillette) is a crowdfunding contributor for the new Adam Rifkin feature, Knocked Off. Unhappy with the film, he steals the footage and kidnaps actress Missi Pyle to star in his own “director’s cut!”
Director’s Cut is also available on Blu-ray and Digital via Dread. Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/bwZFY6hzS7I
In 2007, over forty people were brutally torn to pieces in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp. Over the past decade, lone survivor Andrew’s (Parry Shen) claims that local legend Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) was responsible for the horrific massacre have been met with great controversy. But when a twist of fate puts him back at the scene of the tragedy, Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and Andrew must face the bloodthirsty ghost from his past.
Victor Crowley is also available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital via Dark Sky Films. Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/JiICl2vDYbc

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