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Film Review: Homosaurus (short film) (2019)

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Adam loses custody of his daughter and his entrepreneurial activity is on the verge of bankruptcy. He then decides to shut himself up, hiding behind a mask that will become his curse.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have HOMOSAURUS, written and directed by Matteo Berta and Allessandro Sivieri.

Our story opens with us (the viewer) being privy to a phone conversation concerning an apparent upcoming divorce situation. A woman’s voice is making it clear that she has full custody of a child and will be moving out.

The distraught soon-to-be ex husband (played by an actor credited as Massimo Terribile) launches into a presumably inner dialogue about his current feelings. The strange part is this all happens while he is wearing an articulated dinosaur mask.

It’s a bit Kafka-esque in that our hero starts to lose himself the longer he wears the mask, like he’s becoming the dinosaur. We don’t get a backstory on how this happened, but we are given the impression this had been a “thing” for some time and perhaps is the root of the coming divorce.

There is a lot to be read into in the film, and with mulitple viewings I keep coming up with different conclusions about the message. It seems really simple and perhaps silly at the surface, but I feel there is something much deeper to be found.

I recommend giving it more than one viewing, definitely. Its not very long, and every time I run it again I discover something else.


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