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Interview: Ashleigh Morghan (Head Count)

“HEAD COUNT is directed by Elle Callahan (“Happy Deathday”) in her feature film debut, and Callahan co-wrote the script with Michael Nader (The Toll, Flock of Four).  The film features an up-and-coming cast including Ashleigh Morghan (Native Son, “Snowfall”), Isaac W. Jay (Flock of Four) and Sam Marra (“Homecoming,” “Awkward”).”

Hi Ashley, How are you?

Ashley- I am great. Thank you.

You did such a great job in HEAD COUNT. What did you do to prepare to play Zoe and how did you get involved with the film?

Ashleigh- Thank you. Well to prepare for Zoe was interesting because I read the script and we are very similar in how we approach situations so it was very natural for me to be Zoe. I had to prepare to be a monster. Keeping in the humanistic element but still a little bit of unknowing because it is not really human anymore and playing around with different things. I auditioned for the project and I fell in love with the script. I was thankful to be brought into the project.

I really liked this movie because it is different. It is psychological in many ways. It sort of messes with you and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Ashleigh- Yes.

The cast was amazing. You guys seemed as if you have known each other forever. What was it like working with each other?

Ashleigh- That was one of my favorite parts of this film. Bevin Bru who played Camille, her and I are best friends now. We talk every single day and we’ve never met before the film. I am so thankful we had this amazing chemistry.  It was like a mini vacation and being able to do what you love because we we’re in Joshua Tree so we couldn’t really go anywhere else so we hung out with each other and we all just clicked. We all kind of clicked. It was awesome. I’m very thankful we had amazing chemistry.

What was it like for you working with the director Elle?

Ashleigh- I’ve never worked with a female director before so I was stoked. And, it being my first horror film I was even more stoked. Elle is awesome. One thing I really loved about her is like, if I had questions or I was like, hey I don’t think Zoe would do this, I think Zoe would do this or in this situation she might react like this. Elle was so open to my interpretation of Zoe and how I thought she should be portrayed and it was really nice as an actor to have that kind of security knowing that I could add to the creative aspect of this character. She was awesome.

What are you working on next?

Ashleigh- Yes, I am in “Native Sun” which is on HBO. I am in “The Last Summer” which is on Netflix. I am currently writing my own stuff that I am inspired to write and I have a couple films in the works. Another horror film.

What would you like to say to the audiences watching HEAD COUNT?

Ashleigh- I want them to just enjoy the ride. I think sometimes in horror films we try to figure things out too soon and it kind of takes away from actually enjoying what’s happening. Live in the moment and when the time comes you’ll figure out what’s going on… Maybe.

Well you answered my questions and you are so talented. Thank you so much for talking to me today for Horrornews.net

Ashleigh- Thank you so much.



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