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The Best Horror-Themed Slot Games

Mankind’s insatiable appetite for the ultimate scare factor conjures up hellish creatures like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. But their fascination with mangled bodies and sleepless nights transcend from the pages of books and screenplays to other forms of entertainment such as slot games. While this may seem unusual at first, players are rewarded with high-definition graphics and the occasional fright tactic that makes the horror-themed slot games on sites like www.paybyphonebillcasino.uk simply irresistible.

Game 1: Blood Suckers  

While not entirely scary, this installment from NetEnt is so entertaining that even those who don’t necessarily have a penchant for horrors, will love it. If you’re thinking Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it’s not quite that grotesque. Instead, think more along the lines of Vampire Diaries or Twilight to get a feel for the theme inspiration. With a 98% Return To Player (RTP) rate, this is a good option for those who want maximum results.

Game 2: Day Of The Dead  

This slot game is a tasteful rendition of the celebration of the dead, or the Spanish El Dia De Muertos festival. The slot game takes into consideration the religious relics of the day, plus the traditions that take place. While free spins are just as abundant as skeletons, this game doesn’t have quite the scare factor as you’d expect from a horror-themed game, but it does provide players with interesting slot reels and wicked bonuses. The Multi-Way Xtra Wager system ensures the players can reach up to 720 ways to win.

Game 3: Haunted Night  

Haunted Night may not offer high-quality graphics such as the Dracula slot game, but it has an element of fun that makes it endearing to players. The game offers a number of freebies and bonuses, which provide players with good value for money. A healthy combination of 243 paylines and 4 reels make this an obvious option for those unfettered with overly dramatic slot game back stories.

Game 4: Dracula  

While Blood Suckers may emulate the “softer” versions of vampires, Dracula offers players an unfettered and unapologetic vampire them with great graphics and an epic back story. While the Count sits next to your slot reels and fixes you with his intimidating glare, the benevolent monster often takes on his bat form and blesses his serfs with bonuses. While you may need to gain the Count’s trust at first, once he’s got his teeth into you, you have a chance of being rewarded between 20 and 200 times the initial stake.

Game 5: Alaxe In Zombieland  

It’s pretty obvious that The Walking Dead and Alice In Wonderland are behind this horror-theme slot game. This slot has been classified as having a high Rate To Pay (RTP), which makes it a favourite among fans, horror theme aside. There are a few surprising bonuses that pop up from time to time and interesting character play; players will rate the entertainment value of this game high. Scary music and ghostly elements ensure that players come back for more than just the 25 paylines.

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