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Interview: Director Morocco Vaughn (Mollywood)

“Mollywood follows a serial killer who disguises himself as a drug dealer in order to “deliver” young people their worshiped drugs. The serial killer is simultaneously tracked by a determined detective in the city. Mollywood’s talented cast and crew bring this modern subculture drama to life with gripping scenes and dramatic cinematography that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

“Mollywood” is directed by Morocco Vaughn and stars: Micah Fitzgerald, Waka Flocka Flame, Vinicius Machado, Billy Dec, Charmaine Johnise, London Od Da Track. It is ON DIGITAL AND ON DEMAND ON JUNE 4, 2019. Read the interview below in which Morocco took time to speak with Horrornews.net

Hey, How are you doing Janel?

Hi Morocco, I am doing good. Thank you.

Tell me why you decided to direct “Mollywood?”

Morocco- Oh wow, the writer is a good friend of mine. He liked my music videos and he promised me if he ever got a budget for a project I would be his first director. Nine years after we met and had that discussion he called me and said I got the money for the project, are you ready so there goes “Mollywood.”

The work you do with music videos. Everything is always so vibrant, colorful and beautifully done. Did you take that with you into directing films?

Morocco- Well, they are completely two different worlds and I found that out with “Mollywood.” Color-wise and approach, I tried to approach “Mollywood” the same way I approach music videos but there’s so many more elements involved. So many other factors so it is nothing like doing a music video.

What was it like for you working with the cast? Everyone seemed as if they’ve known each other forever. Everyone did an amazing job.

Morocco- Oh wow, thank you for the compliment. We all kind of just met. There weren’t too many preexisting relationships except for me and Waka and me and London. Everybody else I met fresh and new. We shot it in kind of a running gun fashion so for that to come up onscreen like everybody had that chemistry. That’s amazing that it was accomplished.

Did you face any type of challenges while shooting?

Morocco- Micah Fitzgerald is an amazingly talented actor. A lot of times when he would step onscreen, he would blow the other actor away. He wasn’t even intended to be the lead but because of his presence he became the lead.

What do you want the fans to know about “Mollywood?”

Morocco- I want the fans to approach it with fun. Of course “Mollywood” was a learning experience for me but we had fun doing it. I want it to be approached like a B-movie horror flick perspective. I don’t want you to compare it to a big “Conjuring” or one of these big horror films that has a huge budget. It was a fun approach to the genre, it is more so a thriller with horror elements. I want people to walk in and feel thrilled on the way out.

Morocco, what are you working on next?

Morocco- Big question! There may a “Mollywood” sequel. Depending on how well this one does.

That would be exciting to have a sequel. You will be directing I hope.

Morocco- Yes. I hope too. I will, I think I’ve got a clause in the contract.

You do direct in all these different worlds. Will you ever write and direct a film of your own?

Morocco- Actually, yes.  One of my passion projects that I am trying to put together is called, “Outside Looking In.” I’ve had the concept for a while. It’s crazy because the horror genre had expanded in a way. Especially for black filmmakers. I saw “Get Out” and I saw “Us” after completing “Mollywood.” So yes you will see a written by and directed by me eventually.

I loved both “Get Out” and “Us.” Brilliant films.

Morocco- They completely flipped my mind about what a horror/thriller film can do. You are kind of cheating one genre to call it another. Those particular films are inspiration going forward.

Did you have anyone that inspired you growing up in the directing world or the film world?

Morocco- Oh yeah, my favorite current director right now is Christopher Nolan. Growing up, the late John Singleton and Spike Lee were huge influences for me.

I love John Singleton. I was so sad when I heard he had passed away. So many incredible films.

Morocco- It is devastating. It makes me appreciate the craft even more now. I can watch his films. Being that this was my first film I got to direct, I had a lot of misconceptions about how easy it might be to do a film and when I go back and watch somebody like John’s work I can admire from a whole different perspective now because I’ve completed a film.

At least you admit that. I have a lot of respect and sometimes people sort of say oh yeah it is easy. I think that is a good thing.

Morocco- Oh no. All the arrogance went straight out the window. About three or four days in working on this set I quickly realized what type of different world I was in. It was a humbling experience for me but I love the challenge that features present. In the music video world I usually got one or two days to execute a small storyline. I got to keep people entertained for close to two hours with a feature so it is a marathon compared to a sprint.

I thank you so much. You are so talented. I would like to ask what kind of advice would offer to those who may be hesitant or unsure about being in this business.

Morocco- I would say dive in first.  I actually went to film school, Columbia College in Chicago. I would say dive in. The quicker you dive into your craft, the quicker you can make mistakes, the quicker you can fail and rebound from those mistakes. We actually used a lot of kids from Columbia College on the film. That was a cool aspect to it.

That is really cool that you did that and that is good advice. Thank you so much. It was an honor to talk with you and I cannot wait to see more films from you.

Morocco- Thank you! We need more serial killers. “Mollywood” the movie!

Thank you so much.

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