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Horror Legend’s New Poster for SEEPERS

Nightmare on Elm Street artist Graham Humphreys has revealed his latest piece, a stunning new poster for upcoming horror film ‘Seepers: A Love Story’. Having created some of the most iconic posters in horror history including ‘Return of the Living Dead’, ‘The Evil Dead’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Phenomena’ and ‘The Stuff, Graham’s work for director Melanie Gourlay’s latest trash masterpiece fits right along side those classics.

In Seepers: A Love Story we follow the story of two rival methane farms illegally extracting bio-fuel from their hapless kidnap victims. Ruthless corporate espionage turns into an unexpected love story taking detours through gross-out comedy, musical sequences, action, kidnapping, horror, crazed experiments, exercise videos and too many bodily functions to list. Seepers is a punk rock fuelled slice of gonzo weirdness with a just a little heart running through it.

Seepers Teaser from Melanie Gourlay on Vimeo.

Available exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign, the poster will be signed by the artist himself but only for the first 10 backers. Once they’re gone, clean prints will be available. Make sure to check out the many rewards up for grabs and support independent horror by following the links below.

Love is blind… and has no sense of smell.


Kickstarter: Seepers: A Love Story

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SeepersMovie/

Twitter: @SeepersMovie

EPK including teaser trailer: LINK

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