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Superhero Short Film make BIG splash with Public Release

Dark Specter 2″ and has been receiving acclaim for its unique take on the superhero genre.  So far, it has won “Best Short Film” at the Independent Shorts Awards, Indie Short Fest, Mindfield LA, and others.  Dark Specter 2 has also been selected to be show at Comic Con in San Diego this July!

Synopsis: The Dark Specter is hell-bent on global destruction.  However, he must balance his dream with the real-world responsibility of caring for his ailing mother.  He is caught between two worlds and an internal conflict ensues.  Indie Shorts Mag. calls Dark Specter 2 “an audio-visual treat, in every way conceivable,” and “a brilliant take on the superhero genre, subverting the paradigm, well supported by a stellar cast and incredible writing.”

Dark Specter 2 was publicly released on Facebook earlier this month and has garnered nearly 20K views.  Not bad for an indie series starting from scratch.

Here is a link to view Dark Specter 2 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedarkspecter/videos/418735552026551/

For more information about Dark Specter, visit the website http://www.darkspecter.com/

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