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The Rise and Rise of Horror Themed Video Games

In recent years, it may feel like horror themed video games have slid off the radar, replaced with first-person shooter games that do little for the imagination. However, in actual fact, the horror industry is thriving, and video games have played a big part in that.

The golden age of horror video games started in the 90s, and it survived for a good decade. That being said, games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill inspired a new generation of horror gamers, and the value of this can still be felt today.

In this article, we look at what the horror video game industry looks like today and how it’s changing for the better.

Horror Video Games in 2019

For some gamers, it may feel like the horror genre was almost non existent in 2018. Horror releases were far and few between and those that did launch weren’t the best.

In contrast, 2019 got off to a flying start with the release of Resident Evil 2 in January. Then, The Sinking City was released in March, which took inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. This game had a retro feel and was a little less sinister than many of the psychological horror games we know and love.

We can also expect a whole host of great new horror themed games for the rest of the year. Players are eagerly awaiting the likes of Apsulov: End of Gods and Unholy, whilst recent releases such as Layers of Fear 2 and Pathologic 2 have been met with rave reviews.

In terms of video games which can be played on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4, 2019 is looking more than promising. Make sure you keep an eye on this site to read in-depth reviews of each game. 

Horror Themed Mobile Games

If you like your horror themed games to be a little easier to get a hold of, then the good news is that there are now more horror themed mobile games than ever before.

The online casino industry is booming in the UK, and this means that slots software developers must create games which appeal to a whole host of players. As such, gone are the days where slots were all cherries and sevens. Instead, players can now enjoy games which take on niche themes, such as horror movies.

Moreover, many of the biggest slots software developers now work in partnership with film and TV studios. This has led to blockbuster games which often boast branded content. Games such as Dracula and The Invisible Man by NetEnt have been produced with the backing of Universal Studios and boast incredible graphics and bonus features.

Moreover, other slots developers are creating innovative and unique titles. Lost Vegas by Microgaming allows players to choose between Zombie and Survivor mode and offers rewarding cash prizes and free spins.

The best thing about horror themed slot games is that they’re very accessible. Players can load these games on their mobiles and PayPal casinos even allow you to pay for your spins via the popular e-wallet service.

Virtual Reality Horror Games

And so, to the final frontier of video gaming, virtual reality. Virtual reality technology has come a long way in recent years and in 2019, many more players are experiencing the exciting benefits of playing in 4D.

Virtual reality also seems like a perfect fit for horror themed games. The technology allows you to be in the midst of the action, meaning you no longer need to watch scary stuff happen to other characters. Instead, it’s you who must survive until the end of the game.

In 2019, there are plenty of great VR horror games to choose from. Resident Evil VII VR is one of the most popular, but other great games include the likes of The Persistence and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

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