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27 Lessons from 27 Films – Vehicles in Horror and Famous Films

An interesting piece just came over that covers 27 films and a smattering of details about cars and the movie facts associated with them. We found the work invested in this and the information pretty compelling so we were more than happy to share with our readers

such as:

44% of vehicle breakdowns occur in horror films, 103 cars were completely destroyed during the filming of The Blues Brothers, and 532 during the making of Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

Readers will find a few familiar films as you scroll down the list. Though, in all, a well designed info-graphic that was designed with entertainment in mind….. the best kind there is

In fact…… I may just run home today and do a vehicle genre marathon viewing session dedicated to creepy car movies! (Christine, The Car, The Hearse…) Gotta get one of my writers on writing a top 10 car horror list!

We won’t waste too much of your time in introductions….so on with the show – check out the graphic below!

27 Lessons From 27 Films

27 Lessons From 27 Films
Provided by Halfords Autocentre

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