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Podcast “Bloody Date Night” does a month of horror movie sequels

Horror movie podcast Bloody Date Night goes back into their vaults in May with a pair of episodes on sequels to movies covered in early episodes of the podcast. Now that Liz knows more about horror movie tropes, will she enjoy these sequels more or find them lacking?

Way back in 2015, before moving in together, marriage, and a new house, Josh introduced Liz to little Andy in Episode 3: Child’s Play. In Episode 51: Child’s Play 2, they follow him into a world of pure imagination (and lots of priceless antiques). You can listen to that episode now.

Episode 52: Scream 2 follows up on Episode 13; Liz liked the 90s slasher, but does the quick cash-grab sequel stand up to the original? This episode will be out May 16.

Bloody Date Night can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and all your favorite podcatchers.

About the podcast:

Josh Krebs grew up obsessed with horror movies. Liz Krebs was so frightened by an accidental glimpse of Nightmare on Elm Street 4 when she was seven, she swore off the genre forever.

But they love each other – so much that they dreamed up the podcast Bloody Date Night, where a horror movie expert and a total novice share what happens when you introduce who you love to what you love…that they’re probably going to hate.

In each episode the couple break down a different horror movie that they watched without each other. Josh could be seeing them for the 10th or 20th time and for Liz, it’s always a first-time viewing. The husband and wife then come together in the studio to discuss, dissect, and flirt just a little. It’s the most fun you’ll have being a third wheel.


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