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Event Review: Monster-Mania Con 42 “3 Days of Sheer Terror”

March 8-10, 2019 Crown Plaza Hotel Cherry Hill, New Jersey

As a Horror fan, it is often difficult to talk to non-horror fans about certain films or projects you are working on. On, Saturday, March 9th I was able to attend Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. The guests included the legendary Dolph Lundgren, Christina Ricci (There were so many Wednesday Addams everywhere. It was a wonderful tribute.) Neve Campbell, our beloved Sidney Prescott who is a hero to many of us including my fellow friend and “Scream” fan Mikey Aspinwall whom attended on Saturday also. Also in attendance, Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Rachel True. They were also there for “The Craft” reunion and believe me, all weekend, “we are the weirdos” and so proud of it.

They also had one of the biggest Rock N Roll legends ever to set foot on a stage, Meatloaf who I was able to speak with and briefly tell him the story about my life and my mom’s life. He listened with so much heart. You could almost feel his sadness and happiness for us. He revved up at the crowd as waiting in line, you are all revved up…. And well, if you are a Meatloaf fan you know the rest. He was wonderful. Beyond kind. He had people laughing, crying (myself) and singing for him. This man is a legend. We were lucky enough to see him in concert and I lost earrings, bracelets a shoe. You just keep singing and singing with him. He also starred in “Wayne’s World” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in which we saw so many fans dressed as his character.

He was so involved and listening to people’s stories. He is a class-act.

Actor, Dylan McDermott showed up and Monica Keena who smiled and said hello to me as she walked past me to a break. Steve Guttenberg was also there. The new Michael Myers was also there. His line along with Meatloaf’s and Neve Campbell’s lines were so long. James Jude Courtney smiled and greeted fans and listened to happy, fun and good stories, some sad and more. He was a trooper and to be the new Michael Myers in “Halloween” (2018) is quite a lot to take on. Also joining him from “Halloween” (2018) was Jibrail Nantambu, the kiddo who survived. Will Sandin whom portrayed Young Michael Myers in “Halloween” (1978) also showed up and the man, the myth and the LEGEND, NICK CASTLE who plays, The Shape/Michael Myers in the original “Halloween” (1978) and (2018) This man is one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

He took time and he talked to the fans. He looked at you in the eyes and listened to the stories and what you had to say to him. He asked questions and to meet him for me MEANT THE WORLD. No one understands. These are an escape some times for those of us who deal with a lot. Whether it be trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, torment in life.

There is no one nicer. Thank you NICK CASTLE. Also, Danielle Harris who dressed up Jamie Lloyd for the first time ever and fans were thrilled. She is always so sweet. The talented Sandy Johnson who played Judith Myers in “Halloween” (1978) was also there and Mickey Yablans “Halloween” (1978) and Tommy Flanagan from “Sons of Anarchy.”

Shawn Michaels, Kane, C.J. Graham and Phil Fondacaro and Jen and Sylvia Soska.

Our legendary Rob Dimension, Monster-Mania Radio and the Father who could keep you out of trouble, Father Evil who created this brilliantly vivid smart character. Also, Scott Jackson, Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, Blair Smith and Horror Show Jack who is beyond talented. This man is non-stop working and creating. Also, Artist Joel Robinson. And they had the celebrity auction for the Save the Yorkies rescue.

The horror community is amazing. The amount of love the fans have for these people and to see Dolph Lundgren in person and be able to thank him for inspiring me and I am sure a lot more people did the same thing. He is a very smart man and has done so much for the film world and fitness world and being so smart. Horror fans are one-of-kind. They are kind and funny and I saw so many people who came with the whole family and everyone was having so much fun. I saw so many of my friends and people I have known and met over the years. If you get a chance make sure to go to a Monster-Mania show and check it out.


Monster Mania August 16-18, 2019 will be held in Cherry Hill, NJ also. Guest and more have not been listed yet. Keep an eye out on the site. Monstermania.net



Monster Mania Cover Booklet by Artist Scott Jackson


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