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Free Screener SCREAMING SOUP! Animated Horror Host Series

Screaming Soup stars Deadwest, a gas guzzling, ray gun slinging skeleton cowboy, who reviews obscure fright flicks from yesteryear in a condensed format popular among YouTube audiences. A kaleidoscopic cast of original characters rides along with our animated horror host for episodic adventures that bookend quick-witted commentary.


Screaming Soup is an animated web series that follows the adventures of Deadwest, a horror host who reviews B-movies he thinks horror fans need to know about—and sometimes avoid. Joining him is his sidekick Billy, a lovable goat from hell, his ghostly girlfriend Mandy, and a delightfully dysfunctional gang of parody-style monsters. Currently in his 5th season, with 46 episodes and counting, Deadwest’s antics have ranged from big top bar brawls with evil clowns and quick draws with scarecrows to epic crossover specials with legendary B-movie companies like Full Moon Empire.

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“Four stars!” –Joe Bob Briggs, Shudder TV’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

“Filmmakers should be honored to be reviewed by Screaming Soup!” –Charles Band, Full Moon Empire

“Toxie luvs Screaming Soup!” –Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Entertainment

“A terrific way of reviewing horror. Funny, entertaining, and intelligent.” –Robert Davi, Maniac Cop 2-3


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