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Those Who Remain – Psychological Thriller about light & darkness – Coming

The developer behind Syndrome – Camel 101 – encourages you to take another look at Dormont, a small town in the USA. The newest trailer for THOSE WHO REMAIN will mesmerize you and remind you why you were afraid of the dark this whole time!

A thrilling puzzle-adventure game that focuses on storytelling and suspense, THOSE WHO REMAIN will tell the tale of Edward Turner, an ordinary man with a troubled past. Avoid the darkness and monsters that roam in it and stay alive until the very end to discover a story like you have ever experienced.

Edward Turner is just an ordinary man with a troubled past, who arrives in the wrong place at the wrong time. He soon finds out that something is very wrong with Dormont. There are strange creatures roaming in the dark, killing everyone that gets close. The only way to survive is by staying in the light.

The biggest threat in THOSE WHO REMAIN is the darkness. There are monsters in it and you will die if you stay there for too long. The threat is always there, waiting, which means you need to be aware about your surroundings and movement. Sometimes the lights will fail, forcing you to run. Find light sources to proceed through the dark paths, avoid monsters and travel between mirrored worlds to solve puzzles. And do not get tricked by your own mind. Not everything is as it seems in Dormont.

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