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New Sofubi Release!

Available Friday Feb. 1st at 12PM PST/ 3PM EST

Obsidian Black FrankenMerrick (Limited Edition Preorder) Price $180+S/H

A bizarre mash-up between Frankenstein’s monster and the Elephant Man is “miscreated” as “FrankenMerrick: The Incurable Man” Standing at 12” tall in a contorted manner, FrankenMerrick has as 7 points of articulation, includes loin cloth to cover his unmentionables and metal chain accessory on shackled wrist. This limited release is poured in black vinyl, made in Japan!

*This preorder is limited to only 25 pieces and will run until February 12th or until sold out! I fully support other artists painting my toys, go to town on a blank! Orders are estimated to ship Mid to late March. Shipped Priority worldwide!

**Each order will ship out with a lotto ticket that enters you into a contest to win a 1-off custom by Miscreation chosen by random! (Exact custom piece will be shown at a later date) a couple other runner up rewards will be given away to lotto ticket holders via instagram @miscreationtoys

Will be sold at www.miscreationtoys.com webstore!

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