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My Soul To Keep (MSTK) – New Trailer and Stills!

Like many young children, Eli Braverman believes something evil lurks in his basement. One fateful night, Eli is left home alone to face his worst fear…and find if the horror is real, or all in his mind.


My Soul To Keep (MSTK) is an official selection of the Horror Hound Film Festival, Central Michigan International Film Festival, IndieFest Film Festival, and many others. Horror Hound festival director Jason Hignite writes “MSTK is a nightmare that delivers!”. My Soul To Keep has been awarded the “Special Excellence” award from IndieFest Film Festival.
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Exxodus Pictures is a Detroit-based production company and film studio that specializes in motion picture, television and commercial advertising. Exxodus Pictures last feature film “Jinn” is currently playing on Amazon Prime.

Executive Producers – Richard Mandell & Najam Syed

Producers – Justin C. Hynous & Yolanda E. Kennedy

Writers – Justin C. Hynous & Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad

Director – Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad

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