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Film Review: The Knock at the Door (short film) (2018)

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A man appears at the locked door of a shop and demands entry. When he is refused, things get violent.


This short film really got to me just by how real most of it felt. Our main protagonist was earnest, I felt like she could be me or any one of my friends, and I was invested very quickly. The fact that she was also looking after a child just added to my intense need for her to survive.

The plot is as simple as the title suggests – a man knocks at a shop window after the shop has closed and asks if he can use the phone. What was nice here is that, like any sensible person who has seen even a trailer for a horror film, she told him he could not come in. The man (played by Fred Galyean) does an excellent job of putting forth a false-sincerity and, when he does eventually get into the shop, the change in his facial expression is brilliant as he suddenly shows himself to be a a psychotic killer.

The conclusion is a tad unbelievable and strangely suffers from a lack of build up (which I never say for horror shorts as I usually feel it’s better to just get to the point when you have such a short story to tell) but I’ll let it slide because the majority of this short is really well executed and very scary.

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