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Film Review: Don’t Leave Home (2018)

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After recently unveiling her new sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends, artist Melanie Thomas is contacted by Father Alistair Burke, a reclusive Irish priest who, legend has it, once painted the portrait of a young girl who later disappeared on the very day her image vanished from the painting. Now, summoned by Burke and his cohort to the Irish countryside for a special art commission, Melanie eagerly accepts the offer, never stopping to consider that some urban legends might be true.


Presented by: “Cranked Up Films and the genre-focused label Good Deeds Entertainment”

Written and Directed by Michael Tully, “Don’t Leave Home” is different and sort of hypnotic when you watch it. You kind of don’t want to watch it for the first few minutes of the film. It is slow-paced but then you discover this weird world involving art and disappearing people. It sort of reminded me of that episode of “Charmed” where Prue and Piper are trapped in a painting. This was slightly worse. We meet the characters including Melanie (Anna Margaret Hollyman) whom thinks she is going to this beautiful old home in Ireland for an auction.

NOPE! When you watch these films, you always try to figure out why they go to the creepy old and some new houses alone and in the middle of nowhere. I digress though. Melanie meets Alistair (Lalor Roddy) and Shelly (Helena Bereen)

This film has a weird vibe to it. It has a few scary moments where you are not quite sure what is going on but you discover Alistair and Melanie whom are both artists share a special gift.

The nightmares and psychic behavior leads to strange things happening. You also discover these dreams may be psychic fueled by Alistair and Melanie.

Shelly is out there. She sets up some type of auction in which we discover the strange reasons people go missing. This film is sort of an acquired taste. You have to watch it to get the feel of it. Shelly winds up convincing Melanie to stay after Melanie tells them she wants to just leave. She should have just left but no.

It becomes life imitating art and art imitating life and stealing the life out of you or from you? Or kidnapping you? I am still not sure.

All throughout the film the imagery and scenes are fascinating. You discover different things about these characters. You do root for Melanie and you wind up finding Alistair has a secret and a fear. The paintings in the film get weird. That is all I will say, you have to watch this movie. The whole atmosphere is odd, weird, strange and creepy.


The food scene is even creepy. Don’t eat food or drink something from people in strange houses. This feels like it could be urban legend related. You wonder if this happens. Make sure to pick up a copy of “Don’t Leave Home” and check out Cranked Up Films at



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