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Film Review: Agapornis (short film) (2018)

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Laura and Alicia inherit the house from their recently deceased mother. But nothing is what it seems.


Agapornis the title of this film is the Greek word meaning love bird. The title is original and well fitting for the film. Written by Rosario Curiel and Jose Mellinas. To give a straight forward disclaimer the film is black and white in Spanish with English subtitles. I’ve never been a fan of either, most times I see subtitles its over no interest at all. Agapornis is one of the rare times it paid off and the film was thought provoking and well done.

The film focuses on sisters Laura and Alicia. The sibling’s are reunited by the death of their beloved mother. Laura the oldest sister is played by Aitana Giralt. Laura inhabited the home caring for her mother until her death. The younger sister Alicia had been absent from the family scene for a time. Alicia recently returned home by her mothers death is played by Joana Antonin.

As the film moves along it seems the oldest sister has something to hide. Alicia doesn’t want Laura to leave and has some unexplained actions. A weird transition radio seems to be moving itself around the home and picking up gray static. Oddly Laura doesn’t notice or acknowledge anything strange happening in the home. The deceased mothers lover Mario played by Albert Anguera  warns Alicia to leave indicating that things aren’t as they appear. Could Laura possibly be crazy or delusional perhaps holding a grudge for her sisters absence? To tell much more would ruin the movie.

Laura may not be the only sister keeping a secret. Director Jose Mellinas does a great job of keeping you guessing. The writer and director navigates a scenario of grieving families with a twist. Do we always return to the nest? Do our secrets die with us or do the dead know our secrets?

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