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New horror-comedy book: KILLENNIALS

Adjusted for inflation, millennials spend 50% more on rent, 75% more on healthcare and 150% more on college—while earning $10,000 less—than baby boomers did at the same age. Two-thirds can’t afford to buy a house or save for retirement. It was only a matter of time until s**t went down…

That’s exactly what happens in Killennials, available now at AmazoniBooksScribdB&NKobo and more. More info:
Adjunct professor Olivia has no savings, no stability, no hope…oh, and she’s still living at home with her father, the university dean. Meanwhile, sky-high tuition is wrecking her students’ lives. The solution? Kidnap the out-of-touch baby boomers running the school and demand cancellation of all college loan debt. What could possibly go wrong, except for a civil war between young and old?
From Marty Beckerman, former MTV News editor and author of #1 Amazon.com bestselling parody The Heming Way (“laugh-out-loud”—USA Today), comes a timely and dope AF tale of the new generation gap. They killed shopping malls, chain restaurants, taxis, newspapers, bar soap, landline phones, cable TV and gluten…and now they’re coming for youuuuuuuuuuuu!

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