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Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe! A horror movie comedy podcast with a twist.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to fall in love with KIM & KET STAY ALIVE… MAYBE, a horror movie comedy podcast with a twist!

Each week, horror movie fanatics and best friends Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter play a game where they take turns watching horror movies the other one hasn’t seen and breaking them down for each other. At key points in the story, they put their lifelong knowledge of horror movie logic to the test by not only guessing what the characters in the movie do next… but also choosing what THEY would do differently to try and survive the flick.

All of this fun is peppered with hilarious tangents about their childhoods, debaucherous college days and current romantic lives.

It’s like MY FAVORITE MURDER and HOW DID THIS GET MADE had a kid. A weird, spooky kid who laughs inappropriately.

If what you want is an unbiased, serious discussion of iconic and lesser known horror movies… well, look somewhere else because that’s not what Kim and Ket are doing. But if you’re looking for two legit chicks just trying to stay alive inside your favorite (and not so favorite) horror movies, then join us!

New Episodes Every Wednesday!

This week’s episode: In honor of the 2018 remake, Ket tells Kim about the original SUSPIRIA (1977). We’ll get decorating tips like “velvet’s not just for couches” and “how to give your house guests seizures!” We’ll also confirm that wine IS medicine (Ket knew it!)… if your doctor is a psychopath. Most importantly, we’ll find out if Kim would live or die in SUSPIRIA!Banner.jpg


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