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Top Five Casino Ghost Stories

Haunted houses are both creepy and exciting. Sometimes we know the story behind the haunting, and sometimes we can only guess. Did someone die in that spot? Whose grave is under the building? Are you standing on top of an old cemetery or ancient burial ground? Why are the spirits restless?

If you want a close encounter with a ghost, visit one of the well-known haunted casinos. Come in ghost-free and leave with your own ghostly story. For a well-rounded freaky and hair-raising casino visit, choose your haunted casino well.

Some ghostly sightings take place on the way to or from a casino. Others are in the casino’s hotel, and even on the gaming floor itself. Who says a ghost doesn’t want to play slots, roulette or blackjack?

1. The Woman on the Road to Barona Casino

Are you heading to Barona Casino in Lakeside, California? If you are, look out for the ghost on Wild Cat Canyon Road at night. There are many stories about those who stopped to help a woman along the side of the road. In the dark, she asks for help, quietly moaning “Help me. Help me.”

She doesn’t say anything else, but motions for the do-gooder to follow her. She appears to be faceless, which you may first believe is simply because it is dark out. The stories about this ghostly woman are all similar. The driver gets out, follows the woman, and expects to see someone injured nearby, and in desperate need of assistance.

One driver, Jesse, saw her back in 1998. He took a flashlight, followed her to a steep creek where she simply disappeared. People say that the ghost on the road to Barona Casino tries to lure men to their deaths. With thick, thorny bushes, and a barbed wire fence, there was simply nowhere for the woman to go. When Jesse got back to his car, his passenger commented that the woman had no face.

2. Ghostly Sightings at Cherokee Casino

Cherokee Casino is well-known for its ghostly sightings. Many visitors reported seeing people walk through the walls. There is a more unusual ghost story that sends chills down the spines of blackjack players.

The girl in the yellow dress may not be a regular at the blackjack table, but she is often there. Although unseen by the naked eye, surveillance cameras catch her at and around blackjack tables. She is almost always there on Easter Sundays, but you don’t have a ghost of a chance of seeing her.

3. Sightings at Excalibur Casino

Excalibur Casino, known for some ghostly and otherworldly events, can be a spooky place to visit. Most notable are stories about happenings on the 10th floor. You may think you’re alone, and yet feel like someone is walking closely behind you. Visitors tell stories about a cold feeling that comes over them, and voices whispering into their ears. Many say the casino is haunted, and has been for quite some time.

A honeymooning couple described a number of strange events at Excalibur Casino. They saw a fog-like apparition appear and then unravel in front of them. The flickering lights in their room added to the eeriness, and may be a ghostly presence. Some of the couple’s honeymoon photographs even include an unexpected and uninvited third party, the ghost’s image. Others have reported furniture that has unexpectedly moved, ringing phones with nobody there, and odd static coming from TVs that are off. Take time to enjoy the best rewards on horror slots while you await contact from the other side.

4. Northern Lights Casino’s Mirror Ghost

Jacalyn, an unsuspecting visitor at the Northern Lights Casino, took photographs in front of a casino mirror. The images included that of a little girl dressed in 19th century clothing. The girl appears in two different pictures.

Despite being somewhat freaked out, Jacalyn shared the story with others. She must have been glad to do so when she got validation for her ghost sightings. It seems that the little girl in the photographs is a fun, whimsical and friendly ghost. Other sightings note that she wanders around the halls of the Northern Lights Casino.

5. A Ghostly Presence Near Sandia Casino

After a night of gambling and fun at Sandia Casino, a couple headed home. Not far from the casino, just before they got to the Bernalillo exit, they saw a man. The man, or perhaps not so much a man, but rather a male presence of some sort, sat on top of the hill. The scary looking man with deep black eyes seemed to be trying to get them to go towards him.

The couple felt intense fear, and say that there was a feeling of evil present. There was no way they would continue towards the man on the hill, and wanted to get away. They decided to put as much distance as they could between themselves and the evil presence by quickly driving away.

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