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Scopophilia: The First European Computer Screen Movie

The Greek feature film Scopophilia has been announced that it will premiere at Thessaloniki International Film Festival (01-11 November). The story of the film is based on the voyeuristic nature of the internet, since the narrative follows Alexis, who unintentionally witness a murder through his computer. Will he be able to uncover the murderer or he will be caught into his trap?

Scopophilia is the first European computer screen movie, while it’s only the third worldwide (after Unfriended and Searching). The narrative of the film is mostly through the hero’s computer screen. Most of the action progresses through video calls, interactions on social media, and voyeuristic monitoring via the Internet.

The film has been directed by Natalia Lampropoulou and Ilektra Aggeletopoulou, and written by Sotiris Petridis. Konstantinos Liaros, Ilectra Kartanou, and Joyce Evidi are the main members of the cast.

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