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Top-5 PC Games 2018

Within the last decade and half, one of the hi-tech sectors that have grown more than the others is the online games sector. The real money casino games sector has grown so rapidly and become so popular that it is difficult for you to see young people who do not engage in the mobile or pc versions of games like blackjack, baccarat online and many others. There are many ways to play gaming and the number of websites that offer these games keeps increasing by the day. While some people use the free slots and other demo versions as a recreational tool, many others build their careers around and make their living by getting into contexts and tournaments in the best online casino in NZ, you can read more at We have made reviews of the top rated pc titles of 2018, and whether you enjoy playing the no deposit casino or the casino games real money, these are the best online games at the moment.

Types of games

There are many types of games that you can enjoy at your leisure time. If you are not into the mobile casinos, and will not like to enjoy blackjack and online roulette, you can get your hands on other types of games. However, a look at the industry will reveal some of the most popular types as follows:

  • Cooperative Games
    • Normal Form Games
    • Simultaneous Move Games
    • Sequential Move Games

Cooperative; this involves the players sitting down to deliberate and agree on a particular strategy to adopt while enjoying the games. Normal Form; these ones come with their strategy and payoff clearly revealed in a tabular form. In these, the nash-equilibrium and dominated strategy are easily fished out. Simultaneous Move; this involves those ones where two players can adopt simultaneous moves. Here, two players may adopt the same moves, because they do not have knowledge of the moves of the others. Sequential Move: here, the players are aware that they are adopting the same strategy.

The Most Popular Games In 2018

  • Cuphead
  • Destiny 2
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Moonlighter
  • Vampyr

Reviews of the Most Popular Games In 2018

This comes with many things to be happy about. It links the whimsical art style prevalent in the cartoons of 1930 and the complexity of titles like contra. Here, your task will include collecting soul contracts from different characters in the game, as an aftermath of the exploits of cuphead and mughead. While doing this, you should prevent the devil from collecting your own soul.

Destiny 2

This is one of the top rated online games of 2018. So, if you want to play gaming, this is one of the best for you at the moment. This title is the first in the destiny series to come on the PC. Here, the character development is deep and the backdrop is jaw dropping. It’s a first person shooter version that will place you in the position of a guardian who wages war against the red cabal army and Ghaul. Here, you are meant to try and stop him from stealing the mysterious travellers’ light.

Monster Hunter: World

This is another top rated title for 2018. It is one of the open world adventure RPG online games, and here, your role is to try and defeat the monsters that are spread in very wide and exotic maps. One of the things that make it unique is that you can upgrade your gear to allow you destroy beasts that are bigger and more dangerous. It has a very tight and exciting gameplay with amazing graphics, and could be enjoyed alone or with friends. It has enough content to be enjoyed.


This is one of the most played amongst these five. It is a dungeon crawler and capitalism stimulator type. Here, you have to manage your inventory so well, so as to discover the best dungeon to loot and stock your shop in the village. In the night, you can recruit people, attend to customers and battle the monsters.


This is one of the safe games to relax with. Here, you will act as a WWI doctor that turned into a vampire. It comes with a lot of paradox. Here, you will perform your task as a doctor, while searching for blood to suck.

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