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Home | FiXT Neon Releases Scandroid’s “Thriller” (Fury Weekend) Remix For Halloween Season

FiXT Neon Releases Scandroid’s “Thriller” (Fury Weekend) Remix For Halloween Season

Scandroid Releases
“Thriller” (Fury Weekend) Remix

FiXT Neon is proud to announce the Fury Weekend remix of Scandroid’s “Thriller.”

Noted for his acclaimed work on electronic rock and industrial metal projects Celldweller and Circle of Dust, Klayton brings an unmistakable style to the synthwave genre as Scandroid. In addition to gathering millions of streams across his first two albums, Klayton has continued his long tradition of high-quality remixes by working with some of the biggest names in the retro synth genre. When Scandroid remade Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” he paid tribute to a classic. Now, Fury Weekend applies his own unique style to the track with this exhilarating remix.

Like Klayton, Belarus-based Ars holds experience in diverse genres, and his gritty, electronic rock approach to synthwave makes his Fury Weekend project a standout. His remix of “Thriller” is a spine-tingling creation filled with haunting effects and a grim atmosphere, and it retains the character of both the Michael Jackson original and the Scandroid remake while being utterly unique to Fury Weekend. This stirring slice of synthwave horror is out just in time for the fall season and is sure to be a Halloween hit.

Purchase or stream Fury Weekend’s macabre remix here:

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