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Horrormania ’79: Memoirs of a Ten Year old Horror Fan

My name is Kevin Doherty. And I am a horrorholic.

My horrorholicism began back when I was a kid. The Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was responsible. The frightening black and white photos of monstrosities, ghouls, and freaks contained within its pages fascinated me and I was hooked.

My life as a young horror fanatic growing up in 1979 was particularly interesting. I had one quest back then. OK, maybe two. One was to acquire a Pressman Movie & T.V. Horror Make-up Kit from the local novelty shop so that I could win a best-costume contest at a Halloween party where the first prize was a perm. Two, to win the affections of a really cute girl in my class who really dug guys with Afros. Well, buying something for twenty bucks when earning an allowance of seventy-five cents every two weeks was an impossible task, so I had to come up with different ways of raising the money in time for October. I came up with all sorts of get-rich-quick schemes and what an adventure it was. So much so that I felt it was worth sharing by documenting my experiences in a book. Culled from the yellowed pages of the diaries I kept back

I am a Canadian independent filmmaker/playwright/writer who is very proud and pleased to announce the release of my very first book! If you were a kid, teenager, adult or a horrorholic growing up in the late 70’s or early 80’s, you might dig my recently self-published memoir that is currently available at selected bookstores and on Amazon.


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