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Horror-Metal Debut Album Halloween Release

This is the self-titled debut album from LIVING DEAD ISLAND, the brainchild of Tom Garrett (formerly of indie rock giants MAX RAPTOR), Peter Thorndike (former collaborator with Brit movie legend Ken Russell – THE DEVILS, ALTERED STATES, GOTHIC, TOMMY), Arran Gilbert, Adam Brennan.

The songs began life as part of the soundtrack for a horror movie starring Playboy model Monica Harris amongst others, but gathered a momentum and a life of their own. The upshot is that now instead of the music supporting the film, footage from the movie has been re-edited as music videos for the songs.

Other music videos from the album will show up on Vimeo thereafter at one per month and will star people like Chloe Williams (Ron Howard’s RUSH), Charlotte Talbot (Hammer Horror BEYOND THE RAVE), Christopher George (ZOMBIE DIARIES 2) amongst others.



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