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Serpent – It’s Not Just Snakes That Are Venomous





Serpent is available for Digital Download from 15th October

Hoping to save their crumbling marriage, Gwynneth joins her husband, Adam, as he embarks on a wildlife research expedition. The romantic bliss of the wilderness suddenly turns into a fatal moment of reckoning, as the couple awaken to find a deadly snake trapped in their tent. With certain death looming, Gwynneth and Adam spiral into a dark and dangerous game of survival, twisted by heated confessions of temptation and betrayal.


VOD/EST Release Details:

Release Date                   15th October

Director:                      Amanda Evans

Cast:                          Tom Ainsley, Sarah Dumont, Nicole Johnson

Credit:                        The Movie Partnership

Genre                          Thriller

Cert:                          12

Running Time                   85 mins

RRP:                           £7.99 SD, £9.99 HD

Release Platforms:             iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Sky Store

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