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Check Out This Filipino Horror Movie “Dalaw”

Love and horror are intertwined in this week’s Filipino Horror Movie, Dalaw on Myx TV, Wednesday, August 1st at 9/8c!

Dalaw, follows a formerly widowed woman, Stella who is being haunted by a ghost she believes to be her dead husband after she happily re-married to the love of her life. Stella tries to save her family from the ghost’s wrath and along the way secrets start to unravel revealing her haunt is not what or who she thought.

3 years after her first husband, Danilo, passes away, Stella decides to marry Anton, who is truly the love of her life. However, after the wedding she experiences troubling occurrences which all lead her to believe she is being haunted by her dead husband. Hoping to save herself and her family from the ghost, Stella instead finds out information which make her question who really is haunting her and why.

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