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Best Scary Movies to Watch on a Date

Some people like scary movies, other ones hate them and don’t watch at all. Everything depends on emotional state and preferences. If you and your girlfriend like this movie genre, there is a list of the best movies to watch on a date. Anyway, an adrenaline rush is a pleasant feeling which is familiar to everybody. Some people who don’t want to demonstrate their negative emotions, accumulated over many days, watch scary movies. After watching such a film, they usually feel relief. Besides, when a Ukrainian woman feels fear, watching a scary movie, she unconsciously seeks protection of a guy, that’s why she can touch your arm and get close.

  1. El orfanato, 2007.

“El orfanato” was created by the Spaniards, who have moved away from the Hollywood standards to create something cool. The film will tell you about a married couple who takes up residence at the old orphanage in the hope of getting it fixed and turning it into a home for disabled children. Their little son easily makes friends with local children, but his best friend is his imaginary friend Thomas. During the movie, you will find out the secrets of these boys and the orphanage itself. This film will give you nothing but sudden goosebumps and a feeling of horror. The movie will keep you in constant tension, but it is the story that makes it scary.

  1. The Conjuring, 2013.

The movie was shot and styled to look like the classic movies of the 70s. You will not see blood, violence, sex and even foul language here, but, nevertheless, the film was awarded the R rating, which is given to the films containing all these elements in large quantities. Just because the movie is really scary.

  1. Marrowbone, 2017.

A mother with four children get away from suffering and deprivation and settle away from everyone. The main action takes place in the old mansion because ordinary apartments are not suitable for mystical adventures. The first hour of the film is more like a drama that isn’t devoid of suspense. While you are getting used to the characters, the director prepares you for a horror test. Talking about the details, designed to whip up the tension, there are a leaking ceiling, broken mirrors, and a terrible attic.

  1. Winchester, 2018.

The heiress of a well-known weapons company lives in a seven-story building with bizarre architecture and intricate corridors. The landlady is constantly rebuilding the mansion. As it turns out, she does this not because she wants to update the design of the house but to arrange traps for the ghosts who hunt for the Winchesters clan. You have two reasons to watch this movie. It is based on real events and tells about the legendary Winchester House, which is located in California and has become a popular tourist attraction nowadays. Sarah Winchester was beautifully performed by Helen Mirren, so the picture is worth watching for the sake of aesthetic pleasure too. Your girlfriend will like it.

  1. A Quiet Place, 2018.

It seems that the creators of scary movies have finally come up with at least something more or less original. Most of the world’s population is wiped out by alien creatures, which cannot see anything but have a hypersonic hearing. The main characters are a family of farmers who are trying to survive in new conditions. They walk around the house without shoes, communicate in sign language and try not to step on creaking floorboards. The difficulty is that the couple has three small children, who find it difficult to keep quiet. However, the creators of the movie have decided that it’s not enough, and the main character should be pregnant. The main tension of the movie is in its almost total silence.

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