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Horror film adapted from Comic Book

Eldritch Code – Short film from Eldritch Code on Vimeo.

The above will take you to Eldritch Code, an adaptation of “One of Those Days,” a short story which originally appeared in the comic book Cthulhu Tales # 6, published by the Los Angeles based BOOM! Studios. To make a long story short, director Ivan Radovic caught it in one of its reprints, liked it, and decided to turn it into a movie. He reached out to me (the author), I reached out to Mark Waid (the editor, although he was gone from the company by that point), and Mark reached out to BOOM! Studios (the publisher) to let them know that they should take this Swedish director seriously. Shortly thereafter, Ivan got permission from BOOM! to turn it into a short film, and he spent a lot of time turning his vision into a reality.

Eldritch Code has spent the last year at over 30 film festivals in 14 countries, covering 4 continents, and it even has its own Facebook page as sort of an online passport of where it’s been.

Recently it was released online for everyone to see

Eldritch Code is an authorized comic book adaptation, not a fan film, and you can even embed it in any potential article about its existence. So please check it out, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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