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New Horror/Comedy Feature Film “The Tome” To Be Released 2019!

Charleston, SC – Shadowmoss Entertainment in association with Respiration Films today announced that Pre-Production has begun for the horror/comedy feature film, “The Tome.

Award winning screenwriter Adrian Roman will direct the film and is also Producing along with Executive Producer Scott James and Associate Producer Abby Sensenbaugh. The screenplay is locked, and a website for the film is available for interested parties, including additional production partners and investors. Social Media is launching now. Composer Will Goss has signed on to write the original score.

Scott James is quoted as saying, “We intend to attach A-list talent for the leads, but also, in a strategy to assure profitability, we are reaching out to social media influencers with millions of followers for smaller roles.” Writer/director Adrian Roman adds, “In writing the screenplay, I wanted to tap into the popular horror genre, but also tell a story that is unique. There have been successful horror/comedies in the past such as ‘American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Beetlejuice,’ and ‘The Tome’ lands somewhere in between those two. The script has a strong female lead, who is a sassy, confident person, but who also shows a wide range of emotions. We are looking for a known, highly talented woman who is twenty-five to thirty years old. Several names have come up but we are on a national search for her and we’re seeing who rises to the top. This is the kind of role that would be a ‘Pretty Woman’ moment for the right actress.”

To round-out their strong production team, the Producers are vetting Cinematographers, Sound Professionals, Make-Up Artists, CGI/Animators, and others.

Associate Producer, Abby Sensenbaugh says, “This is an Ultra Low Budget Project, under $625,000. It will be shot in the Charleston, South Carolina area with a few scenes in Asheville, North Carolina. I got involved with the film after having read the script. People will definitely jump out of their chairs, but also find themselves laughing and even in one scene, crying. It’s a very unique horror film.”

The logline reads, “A young woman, a petty thief, mistakenly steals a book called The Guide which is an instruction manual on how to track down an ancient book called The Tome. The Tome, according to legend, provides it’s possessor with god-like powers. She follows the clues, finds The Tome, and then all hell breaks loose.”

In addition to an original score, the producers are acquiring the rights to five iconic ’70s rock tunes to incorporate into the movie which will further expand the audience demographic beyond the normal young adults that favor horror films.

Principal photography for the film is slated to begin in October 2018.

For more information: www.TheTomeMovie.com

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