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Event Review: Denver Comic Con 2018

Hey there horror & comic fans!

HNN (Horrornews.net) was on location this year to attend 2018’s Denver Comic Con. As last year and the years before, it was an exciting jam packed event. One that was loaded with sights, sounds and entertainment!

Note: Being a media person made things a bit easier by avoiding lines and getting inside “before” they let the ropes down to usher in the herds. (Note some of the images below with only a handful of attendees) And yes, the herds did arrive!

Now for those who wish to attend in the future this is a great event to meet many of your favorite comic artists in person, buy their goods, and check out new arrivals on the market. Some of those in attendance included: Josh C. Lyman, Logan Pack, Nikki Ward, Thomas Estrada, Cody Kuehl, Adam Kubert, Amy Chu, Andy Kuhn and many others!

So what to expect next year?
Well, in short this year was an extremely well-attended event that had plenty of fans dressed to the tilt for cos-play, costuming and general fun. If you happen to stay at one of the hotels (there are several surrounding the function), you can expect a mini Halloween of sorts as restaurants, gatherings, and streets are lined with actively dressed participants. One bonus this year was the number of female attendees dressed as Wonder Woman (as expected), which meant plenty of Amazonian scantily clad impersonators. Star Wars was a big theme with Marvel characters such as Dead pool, Thor, Captain America and (well you know the rest) being additional focal points. Horror fans were in attendance with several outfits obviously directed at recent horror icons and TV characters (see some below).

Plenty to see here with aisles upon aisles of vendors sporting toys, games, comics, books and clothes for sale (to name a few). You’ll likely spend 1 day just walking among the aisles to see as much as you can fit in.

As a horror site, we would of loved to see more horror-driven vendors, but then again that wasn’t the key genre here. You can of course finds lots of Walking Dead books (which you can pretty much find at any comic store these days).

As I asked around hoping to get some rare volumes of some of my favorites, I soon realized that this really wasn’t the place to hunt them down, but rather back in my hotel room plugged into Amazon (and priced cheaper). I do miss the old days when that sort of thing was more common place for these events, however attendees are more likely to find rare toys than they are comics and trade paperbacks.

The Celebrity corner was part of the events highlight which provided sections for the celebrity attendees to sign autographs and provide pictures. Though it should be no surprise that the older days of simply waiting in line are a thing of past as each attendee requires a pricey fee of anywhere from $40 to $100 to enjoy such privilege.

Regardless, I was able to get a peek from a distance at Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Crowley (Supernatural Series), Ron Perlman (Hell boy), and others which included the highlighted Molly Ringwald and Val Kilmer. Val did attend but was the only celebrity hidden under a covered tent during this time……. so no peeks at former movie Jim Morrison. Oh well!

A quick list of celebrities in attendance included: Val Kilmer, Molly Ringwald, Alitha Martinez, Jason Momoa, DMC, Amy Chu, Alan Tudyk, Alanna Masterson, David Tennant, Eliza Skinner, Graham McTavish, Adam Cayton-Holland and many others from franchises such as Walking Dead, Harry Potter and Stranger Things.

In all, I did enjoy myself and had to rest after walking around for 2 days. On site food is pricey so take my advice and walk down the street a block to eat more (better tasting) food options.

Of course this is Denver, so most of the restaurants are nice, but pricier. Traffic was bad, as expected, however your best bet is to valet park (at one of the close hotels) and just visit everything on foot.

We stayed at the Embassy suites which features a nightly happy hour between 5:30-7. The happy hour included free beer, some mixed drinks, sodas and snacks. So while the hotel is pricey, you can justify per some “free drink time” to curb expenses. The Breakfast buffet was so-so and pretty crowded. Frequenters will figure out ways to short that though after a couple days.

We did take lots of pictures to convey the overall feel of this event and the layout of the land (see below).

The Denver Comic Con is a recommended event which only comes once a year, so if you live in the Colorado area, you should take the time to enjoy a cool lil weekend and celebrate your heroes.





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