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Interview: Director/Writer Fritz Bohm (Wildling)

Hi Fritz, How are you?

Fritz- I am good Janel. How are you?

Good. Please tell us how the idea for “Wildling” manifested for you?

Fritz- Oh thank you. It was really almost something like a childhood wish. I was infatuated with fairytales since my mom was reading them to me on a regular basis. I just loved these strange creatures that are in it and how fairytales tell stories about human conditions or very universal human themes like growing up and relationships. I loved fairytales and I’ve always wanted to make my own. I wanted to make it about a misunderstood creature and I wanted it to be a girl because I watched my sister go through puberty and I observed how that worked for her. It felt like a very interesting idea that combined you know that story about puberty with a fantasy premise and the idea of a fantastical creature being out there and there being such a thing as the Wildling.

I loved that too that the lead character was female. It made the story a lot more interesting. The entire cast is amazing! What was it like working with everyone?

Fritz- It was a blast. It was such a special time shooting the film with the cast and it was really my favorite part of the process working with the cast and seeing how the story comes alive off the page the moment you have such talented actors invested into their roles. They bring a sense of emotional reality. It is beautiful.

That is amazing. The story is amazing! You wrote and directed the film. Did you face any additional challenges?

Fritz- Not because of that. I think the script was done and then a year later the movie began shooting. It was all about financing it, getting it cast and by the time you are standing on-set with the actors you are wearing a different hat. There are so many practical challenges involved.

Are you working on a new project or any chance of a sequel?

Fritz- Well, I would love to do a sequel. In fact I have so much material that is associated with this story because there were so many different drafts of this film. We definitely have more to tell. It depends on the reception and then so far critical reception has been really good. Another way to do it is that you could make it as a book, a TV show. I am excited to do something else but who knows when the time comes there may more to the “Wildling.”

Thank you so much Fritz.

Fritz- Thank you.




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