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Underwater Alien Invasion: The Graphic Novel That Tells All Sides

Earth has been invaded. An alien species has taken 99.99% of the population. But we have a secret weapon: Salt water. Something in it destroys them. So, we flooded the planet. But they’re still out there, waiting for any chance to pick off the remnants of the human race.

The Cobalt species are dwindling. A famine on their homeworld has left them almost extinct. Until they found a planet teeming with stupid, delicious animals. They thought their problems were gone, until a toxic substance covered their new buffet world. How will they survive now?

Black and Blue is a sci-fi war story, told from both sides of an alien invasion. Our human protagonist, Mattaya, a young Polynesian woman, is an unwilling conscript into the AquaMarines, Earth’s last defence against the attackers. Lazuli, the alien protagonist, is a new inductee into the Farming Caste of the Cobalt, a balloon like alien race on the brink of extinction, and discovers his people’s dark secret, that their only food source is actually a sentient race.

In a tight, 80 page standalone graphic novel, Black and Blue will be a hit for fans of science fiction, in particular stories involving aliens, underwater societies, and war. The script has been written, and we have two fantastic artists on board (one for each side), as well as an incredible colourist to tie it all together.

Nathan Seabolt (@n_seabolt), Bethany Varni (@bethvarni), Fahriza Kamaputra (@fahrizakp) and Ben Quinlan (@inkling_comics) are bringing Black and Blue to Kickstarter this March.

The graphic novel is completely scripted, and we have a full creative team attached, who have pencilled, inked, and coloured the first five pages from each story. We’re coming to Kickstarter to fund the rest of the art, as well as an off-set print run of the book.

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