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Super Trailer Available For Multi-Platform SciFi Story World BACK TO EARTH

The masterminds behind the multi-platform story world BACK TO EARTH have just released a super trailer for the project and I wanted to make sure you received it! Set in a technological apocalypse where hacked biotech implants turn ordinary people into “ragers” (think Black Mirror meets The Walking Dead), a group of unlikely survivors must band together to survive.
Spanning a web series, a graphic novel and animated series, and an interactive experience, the transmedia project BACK TO EARTH utilizes cryptocurrency and a native token called StarCredits to help viewers engage with their content on a deeper level.


A groundbreaking story experience, BACK TO EARTH invites the audience to immerse themselves in a futuristic, multi-platform, narrative with its own story world economy–– participants can use a blockchain token to interact with the story on a deeper level, unleashing great power and promise, while awakening terrible, destructive forces.

Participants will uncover BACK TO EARTH through interlocking transmedia pillars including a web series, graphic novels, and an interactive experience where players are challenged to seek the truth through a series of websites, social media pages, phone numbers, and even physical addresses. Using the digital token StarCredits, participants can enhance their game playing experience by unlocking unique rewards.

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