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Scary games you can Play in the Office

It’s dark, you’re on your own and Netflix is fully loaded, which only means one thing; it’s time for a scary movie.

From Scream to Paranormal Activity, there’s something about throwing a good night’s sleep out of the window that has created a scary movie industry that is seeing new highs year on year. This year’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel It, scored $666 million (yes, you read that right) at the box office, making it the most successful horror film of all time.

With so much fascination around all things scary, it’s no surprise that video games have jumped on the pant-wetting bandwagon too, with some truly terrifying titles released since we first started jabbing at buttons and swearing at TV screens in the 80s. We’ve profiled some of the best scary and spooky games out there to get you jumping, they should provide you with some much needed adrenaline to complete the remainder of your day at work.

If being scared isn’t your thing then you’re in the wrong place, but you could check out this list of the top ten office games.

Dead Space Android

The first Dead Space games were a chilling rampage through an alien and reanimated corpse-infested mining spaceship drifting through the cosmos, and the hints of Alien and The Thing are now brought to mobile. Dead Space for Android has the same jump-scare, gory, alien-slaying gameplay as the originals, but on mobile screens. The gameplay is still very good, but the feeling when a Necromorph grabs you with the surround sound turned to full volume just isn’t the same on the bus to the way to work. Still worth a play through however.

Silent Hill

Another gut-wrenchingly terrifying series, the themes of depression, anxiety, guilt, dysfunction and mental illness make this Japanese classic a dark rabbit hole in which to get lost. This has been perfectly adapted to mobile, you play the game controlling Ben, an orphan who has survived all of his partners and is making a return to Silent Hill looking for answers. Work your way through the game, solve all the puzzles and kill all the monsters to discover all of the eerie secrets from Silent Hill.

The Last of Us

Part survival game, part horror thriller, The Last of Us uses the premise that apocalypse has arrived thanks to parasitic plants that alter human brains, before turning them in clicking, murderous zombies. The survival elements of the game are great, but what makes the gameplay truly terrifying are the wandering, possessed corpses that can appear from anywhere before ripping you to pieces. One section, which involves escaping from a flooded basement. Be careful playing it in the office, you might just become very afraid of your colleagues!

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