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At the Movies in 2018

2018 is set to be an exciting year at the movies. This is not really because of the titles that are supposed to be released. Well, it is but not in the way that you think. Among the top movies that are set to be released this year are some very experimental movies. This year will prove to be a make or break year for many franchises. And some genres will know if they still have “one more night at the opera” or its time to reinvent themselves. Regardless, the competition and the pressure to perform is in the industry so we are guaranteed some nice movies.

A little 2 Much

2018 should be branded the year of the sequel at the movies. There are many movies that are coming back for a second round at the box office. Some of the franchises that are getting a new lease of life where last on the silver screen nearly 2 decades ago. Some of the movies to look forward to include Tomb Raider, Deadpool and the SuperTroopers. These are just the top movies; there are several other flicks that are getting sequels and prequels.

And little More

Several franchises in the movie industry have representation at the cinema this year. Even the Star Wars franchise is represented by the Hans Solo movie set to be released on 25 May, did you know at the online casinos you can play movie related australian slots and stand a chance to win big. Other brands that are back at the box office in 2018 include another Avenger’s flick, another Madea movie, a 6th Mission Impossible and of course another Robin Hood

Then there is the rest

This is where I expect to get some real entertainment from although my son will definitely be getting his fill of superhero movies. There are quite a lot of them this year, even The Incredibles have decided to come back and help protect the world. There are a lot of low profile movies that will make a good name for themselves. Keep a lookout for them.

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