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ARKit home invasion app ARZombi OUT NOW

ARKit game ARZombi gets it’s IOS release on the App-Store. Board up your windows and doors and see if you can survive a zombie invasion.
ARZombi is an interactive experience like no other. Call of Duty inspired with an 80’s twist. ARZombi will allow you to turn your doors and windows into AR portals and it’s your job to board them up to keep the undead out! Grab the closest weapons to you and collect whatever items you find on your slain zombie foe. Want a break? Sit down and grab a slice of pizza to increase your health and then carry on laying waste to the hordes of the undead trying to dirty up your new sheepskin rug.

ARZombi will have you defending your house from all angles. Hiding behind your sofa won’t save you, grab that shotgun and blow those zombies away!

Currently, ARZombi has a survival mode where you battle wave after wave of zombies as they become more frequent and harder to kill with each passing wave. A story-mode and a multiplayer mode are currently being developed for a future release. In addition, the game will take on numerous changes and upgrades keeping the experience fresh and unique each and every time.

Many AR zombie apps consist of zombies randomly appearing in spontaneous placements. ARZombi stands apart from the rest as the first AR game in which you pick a room in your home, barricade the door and windows and fight an onslaught of the undead trying to get inside.
With the most detailed zombies in an AR game to date, ARZombi is one of the first realistic first-person shooters on ARKit.

Happy Hunting!

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