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Book Review: The Painted Darkness – Author Brian James Freeman

The Painted Darkness by Brian James Freeman

When Henry was a child, something terrible happened in the woods behind his home, something so shocking he could only express his terror by drawing pictures of what he had witnessed. Eventually, Henry’s mind blocked out the bad memories, but he continued to draw, often at night by the light of the moon.

Twenty years later, Henry makes his living by painting his disturbing works of art. He loves his wife and his son, and life couldn’t be better… except there’s something not quite right about the old stone farmhouse his family now calls home. There’s something strange living in the cramped cellar, in the maze of pipes that feed the ancient steam boiler.

A winter storm is brewing, and soon Henry will learn the true nature of the monster waiting for him down in the darkness. He will battle this demon and, in the process, he may discover what really happened when he was a child — and why, in times of trouble, he thinks: I paint against the darkness.

But will Henry learn the truth in time to avoid the terrible fate awaiting him… or will the thing in the cellar get him and his family first?

Written as both a meditation on the art of creation and as an examination of the secret fears we all share, The Painted Darkness is a terrifying look at the true cost we pay when we run from our grief — and what happens when we’re finally forced to confront the monsters we know all too well.

Mr. Freeman is doing something totally out of the ordinary with his new book The Painted Darkness. He is offering it for free as a download before the book is even published. Some may think that is a bad idea but I for one think it is a great idea. Why not get your book into as many readers hands as possible to build up word of mouth recognition. Of course, if the book was lousy it might not be the best idea but in this case the book is far from lousy. In fact, The Painted Darkness is one of the best stories I’ve read this year.

The Painted Darkness was so good, I finished it one sitting. Mr. Freeman goes back and forth between when Henry was a child and how he became an artist and the present when he finally faces his childhood demons. He does it in such a way that it adds to the tension and pacing of the story allowing you to get emotionally involved with what is happening.

We all have childhood demons of one kind or another and this story really struck a chord with me. Mr. Freeman takes you on a journey that is both dark and uplifting. This story will scare the hell out of you and also bring a tear to your eyes.

I suggest you follow the link above and download The Painted Darkness while you still can and see for yourself the magic that Mr. Freeman has created. You will not be disappointed.

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