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Interview: Composer Steve Moore (Camera Obscura)

“Steve Moore has composed for several horror films including Adam Wingard’s “Phase 1 Clinical Trials” vignette in V/H/S/2 as well as Wingard’s 2014 hit THE GUEST. Moore then went on to compose for the sci-fi horror film THE MIND’S EYE and 2016’s DON’T KNOCK TWICE.

He most recently composed the score for Joe Lynch’s SXSW favorite MAYHEM and Chiller Films’ CAMERA OBSCURA. He is also one half of the internationally popular synth wave duo Zombi and guitarist for the progressive rock band Titan.”

Hi Steve, How are you doing?

Steve- Hello Janel. How are you?

The music you did for the film “Camera Obscura” is incredible. How do you figure out what music to do and how to match it to the scene?

Steve- Sometimes some people are just good at math, some people are good at certain things. Somehow I just know. It is hard to explain. I was in indoor kid. I watched movies all day long and was just fascinated by the way the music could be so manipulative. The way it sort of had its own voice and its own narrative. I have been obsessed with it ever since and making music for films is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

Did you go to school for music?

Steve- I went to school for music but I feel like it’s just more the experience of having grown up really intently watching movies intently and critically watching movies.

When you are composing, how does it work for you? What is the process?

Steve- A lot of it involves talking with the director and finding out what their vision of what the film is. It is a collaborative process. It is typically standard to watch the film with the director or discuss and have the director give you notes of points where they want a specific hit or a specific beat in the score to occur. I kind of play what I feel. That ends up being the back-tone to a track.

Did you have a favorite piece that you wrote in “Camera Obscura?”

Steve- It is a piece that is associated with the honeymoon killer. There is a point in the score that I felt didn’t quite work anymore because the scene had changed. I wrote this idea that sort of came to me and the fact that it came together so effortlessly it had made the film better by making this change.

May I ask what you are working on next?

Steve- I actually just got back from a tour with my band. I play bass guitar in a band called Zombi. We were just on tour, we did a tour in Europe and in the U.K. so that is what my focus had been lately.

What do you want the audience to know about the music in “Camera Obscura?”

Steve- I kind of just want people to form their own opinion. I find that if I am watching a film and the score jumps out at me too aggressively. I felt a lot of the score was subdued and restrained. I just want people to enjoy it.


STEVE MOOREhttps://stevemoore2600.tumblr.com/



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