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Products Review: Serial Killer Shop (T-shirts)

If your like me, showing your support for the horror community is a no brainer. What better way to express your love for film, the genre and your specific favorites than sporting a cool new T-shirt. HNN has found one such  place worth mentioning that goes by the name of Serial Killer Shop

What separates one T-shirt shop from the other is the level of craftsmanship, artistry, and movie choices expressed in wearable products. Serial Killer Shop offers quite an impressive lot of designs that span film titles such as: “Hellraiser”, “Night of the Living Dead”, “American Psycho”, “The Shining”, “Seven” to name a few. Though better yet, is the extra level of care given to featuring specific movie items and phrases that on the most part spark conversations with others about “how they love that film”. Yes, even a social bridge for sparking up conversations with like movie-lovers.

Of course we can’t forget to mention that there is a huge interest (underground community) in items specific to famous serial killers. This is where the organization caters to collectors of such items. Yes, there are some Manson, Zodiac Killer and Bundy shirts, but for those who prefer fictional serial killers such as Jason, Hannibal, Freddy and Jigsaw, look no further. Love the new Joker shirt!

At the end of the day, you can go big or subtle, your choice, “Serial Killers Shop” offers accessories and specialty items such as stickers, beanies and refrigerator magnets. Make sure and click on the upper left icon as you’ll find several other items from this menu.

For shoppers, the bonus (I was most impressed with) is that you have several options in your final purchase for the kind/style of short you’d like

Want a sweatshirt, a summer-T or maybe some color options? Check out the choices in check out before finalizing your order.

Below are few examples, though for the rest, head on over to Serial Killer Shop

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