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Rachele Royale headlines at Endless Night Vampire Ball

Sirius XM recording artist Rachele Royale is bringing her darkest, sexiest and most sensual songs to the Endless Night Vampire Ball’s Los Angeles debut.
Los Angeles — Sirius XM/CPG Music recording artist Rachele Royale will headline the globally successful Vampire Ball, “Endless Night” which debuts in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 20th.
Royale, who is on the heels of appearing and performing in Antoine Fuqua’s hit television series “Ice” (Audience Network), has also released two stunning singles and videos: “Diamond Girl” which she performed for the TV series “Ice” and “Circus Life”. Multi-award winning director TJ Scott best known for his shows, “Gotham”, “Bates Motel”, Stephen King’s “The Mist” directed.
Endless Night is produced by Impresario, Huffington Post journalist and master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan.  Los Angeles marks the newest addition to the Vampire Ball’s global tour, which includes Paris, New York, Vienna, Dallas, Berlin, Tampa, Amsterdam and New Orleans.

The red carpet, star studded evening will take place on Sunday, February 19th at The Globe Theatre, downtown Los Angeles.  All guests are required to wear a costume, while entertainment will include burlesque performances, a voodoo ceremony and Rachele Royale on the main stage.
Rachele Royale has been described as an provocative mix of Lana del Rey and Amy Winehouse.  An award winning ballet and modern jazz dancer, a successful model and actress, Rachele Royale’s multi-threat performance, always leaves the audience wanting more.

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