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Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Announces 10 Day Slate

bed-of-the-deadBuffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival has announced an ambitious slate of 105 films for its fourth year, which runs Friday, November 4th – Thursday November 10th at the Eastern Hills Cinema in Williamsville, New York, and Nov. 11th – 13th at the Screening Room Cinema Cafe in Amherst. The festival received 350 submissions. Highlights include Special Advance Screenings of the post 9/11 family drama Two for One, a 30th anniversary screening of the cult horror film Street Trash hosted by screenwriter and producer Roy Frumkes, the incorporation of Buffalo Dreams Family Film Festival, a weekend devoted to science fiction, and several world premieres.

Frumkes will also present a restored and re-edited version of Burt’s Bikers, a “docu-drama” about kids with Downs Syndrome, which originally aired on NBC TV in 1981. Pat Kaufman, the former Executive Director for New York State’s Governor’s Office for Motion Picture and Television Development, will receive the Local Service Award for her contributions to film production in the state, and Lloyd Kaufman will host the film festival premiere of Attack of the Killer Shrews, a comedic remake of the notorious B film by Niagara Falls filmmaker Ken Cosentino. In addition to screening the best independent features, shorts, webisodes and music videos from around the world, Buffalo Dreams hosts an Original Screenplay competition.

“This year represents tremendous growth for us,” says festival co-founder Greg Lamberson. “Even though we expanded to 10 days, we had to turn away a lot of films we really liked. When we launched four years ago, we were determined to be a filmmaker friendly event that cared about content more than glitz, and one that celebrated all types of independent filmmaking. We specialize in genre films, but the many high quality dramas, comedies and documentaries we’re showing this year would be right at home in a mainstream festival. The number of filmmakers traveling to Buffalo to participate in screenings of their work is higher than ever, providing great networking opportunities for local filmmakers and movie lovers, and we’re showcasing more world premieres as well. The fact that filmmakers from around the world are choosing this festival to premiere their films says a lot about the reputation we’ve developed in a short period of time.”

Admission for a single screening or “block” of films at Buffalo Dreams is $10.00. A Day Pass costs only $20.00, and an All Festival Pass good for all 10 days costs $100.00. The full schedule will be posted next week on www.buffalodreamsfilmfest.com, and advance tickets will go on sale soon after at Dipsontheatres.com. Trailers for the features are posted on the festival’s Facebook page.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Official Selections


Features Filmed in Western New York

Two For One (Drama, Special Advance Screenings)
Shortwave (Science Fiction, Western New York Premiere)
Game Changers (Drama)
Attack of the Killer Shrews (Comedy, Film Festival Premiere, hosted by Lloyd Kaufman)
House on Ghost Hill Road (Horror, Film Festival Premiere)
The Outlaw 666: the Beast (World Premiere)
Libertaria: The Virtual Opera (Animated)

Comedy Features

Massacre on Aisle 12 (Horror Comedy, World Premiere)
Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (Sci-Fi Comedy, New York Premiere)
Midnight Delight (Comedy)
Faux Paws (Comedy, Western New York Premiere)
They Want Dick Dickster (Comedy directed by Chris Ray, New York Premiere)

Horror Features

Street Trash 30th Anniversary Screening hosted by Roy Frumkes
Tonight She Comes (World Premiere)
Dances with Werewolves (World Premiere)
Let Her Out (New York Premiere)
Bed of the Dead (New York Premiere)
Blood of the Tribades (New York Premiere)
Shortwave (Science Fiction, New York Premiere)
The Dark Tapes
Secret Santa (New York Premiere)


Thriller Features

Dead Bullet (New York Premiere)
Reunion (World Premiere)
All the Wrong Friends (New York Premiere)

Science Fiction Features

The Tomorrow Paradox (World Premiere)
Diverge (Western New York Premiere)

Documentary Features

Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off Track Betting (Western New York Premiere)
6 Guys, 6,000 Miles (Film Festival Premiere)
Burt’s Bikers (World Premiere of restored and re-edited version of Roy Frumkes’s 1969 NBC docudrama about developmentally challenged children)

International Films

The Night of the Virgin (La Noche del Virgen, Horror, Spain, New York Premiere)
The Forest (Thailand, Supernatural Drama, New York Premiere)
Seizure (UK, Horror, World Premiere)

Short Features

Squatters (Western New York, Horror)
Together We Stand: A Story About the 1958 University of Buffalo Football Team (Western New York, Documentary)
Sienna’s Choice (Drama)
Condemned With You All (Western New York, Horror)

Western New York Short Films

The Undersanta (Pasqualotto, 8 mins)
16 Days – Local Submarine short (15 mins)
That’s My Baby (student w/Bill Brown) 9
Ranae (12 mins)
Pastime – 24 mins
Rose Colored – 14 mins
Beyond the Sea – 20 min
Let the Wrong One In – 18 mins
Bug Love
Mindflip (web series)
Shamblin’s Shack
Edge – local (12 mins)
Circuit Sizzle – Local Animation 3 mins
Bug Love (7 mins)

North American Short Films

The Backpage 30 mins
Glimpse 10 mins
The Outage – 20 mins
Pluto – 8 mins
Caucemar Capitonne 9 mins
Burnt Popcorn – 9 mins
Inferno – 13 mins
Alchemy – 14 mins
Little Dougie (15 mins)
The Box
Another Day with You (web series)
Faux Show (web series)
RIP Missy Palmer (web series)
The Smiling Man – 7 mins
Goblin Queen – 12 mins
A Night at the Movies – 16 mins
Kookie – 9 mins
Infirmity – 14 mins
The Fisherman’s Wife – 10 mins
Burnt Popcorn – 9 mins
Sparks (8 mins)
Duffy’s Jacket (10 mins)
Sudden Reality (17 mins)
Do You See What I See? 14 mins
Reality Check (19 mins)
A Western (15 mins)
Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard
Time Chicken – Animation
O Christmas Tree

International Short Films

Wolves – Spain – 12:00
Creatures of Whitechapel UK (25 mins)
The Frozen Eye – Belgium – 29 mins
Pyramids Hostel France – 19 min
Made in Misojen (Norway, web series)
Playback (UK, 4 mins)
Dogged (UK, 4 mins)
Barrio Dos: Pintados (Philippines, 4 mins)
Avant (France, 13 mins)
Laserpope (Germany)
The Porter Brothers (France) 33 min
Bloodhunters – 15 mins (Philippines)
Crying Wolf -UK – 19 mins
Time Chicken – Czech Republic
Yo So Pedro – France
Sputnik (Spain, Children’s, 23 mins)

Music Videos

Mayur (Singapore, animated music video)
The Last Hate Song (music video) – 4
Lilac Corona (music video)
Sidereal Hearts (music video)

Young Student Films (filmmakers under 17)

Holiday of Holidays (USA)
Sleepover (Western New York)
Choices Determine Your Life (Western New York)
A Friend Indeed (Canada)

Original Screenplays

“Escape From Sean Astin vs GatorCroc”
As a low-budget monster movie plays in an endless loop, the film’s characters gradually become self-aware, working together to escape both the titular monster & the film’s terrible production values.

“Hunger Pangs” by Nathan Ludwig
Logline: An FBI agent with supernatural abilities relentlessly hunts down a pair of serial killer cannibal brothers obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the Wendigo legend.

” Love Potion # 666″ by Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer
Logline: A mother and daughter engage in a bitter feud using sex, men, drugs, magic and death to even the odds with each increasingly bloody, backstabbing double cross.

“The Red Triangle” by Tim Auld
A disgraced warrior is obsessed with reclaiming his honour after he is reduced to being a butler for a princess betrothed to his cruel rival.

“Redcap Towing” by Ryan LaPlante
Katherine “Kat” DeLisle is the sheriff of a small town that’s living in fear. A serial killer is stalking the highways and her mentor, a disgruntled alcoholic driven off the force after a breakdown, approaches Kat to tell her the killer is supernatural.
As the pressure to stop the killings mounts, Kat’s neighbor becomes a victim and her 9-year-old daughter is thrust into Kat’s care. Kat needs to find a way to stop these murders, while simultaneously caring for a little girl and battling her own demons.
Everyone knows… the killer is one flat tire away.

“Stoners Vs. Vampires” by Stuart Creque
When two stoners discover that a nest of vampires has taken over the local marijuana trade, they realize it’s up to them to save the weed – and the world.

“The Sword and the Serpent” by Mark Gunnion
A young woman and her little brother barely escape the slaughter when their Medieval Scottish fishing village is raided by Vikings – but then must risk their lives to help summon the village’s ancient, reptilian guardian from its exile, at the far end of Loch Ness.

“The Voyage of Genesis 2” David Thorndill
After a thousand years of cryo-suspension the first interstellar astronauts crash onto planet Omega where the crew are captured by six-toed, stone-age humanoids ruled by an ebony Priestess. John Hurley battles with Omegans and a traitor from his crew only to discover within a sacred pyramid the surprising origin of the Omegans

“Wolf Dreams” by Tyler Peck
In order to protect his ailing mother from his estranged and land-hungry father, a troubled young artist will form a bond with a mysterious creature in rural Wyoming that will change his life in ways he never thought possible.

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