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Indie horror comic label Scary Tales Publishing has announced the publication of their newest horror anthology comic magazine, “MONSTER SMASH-UPS”.  This new 40-page magazine format comic book was inspired by the classic Warren Publishing B&W horror comic mags of yesterday. The premier issue even includes a story written by frequent Warren contributor, comic legend, Nicola Cuti.  Each of the six stories has its own unique style and was illustrated by a different artist, from industry veterans like Manuel Martin and Bob Berry to talented newcomers assembled from around the world.
All of the stories are mash-ups; the villagers attacking the monsters in “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein”, a swamp creature vs. zombies in “The Bogman Cometh”, Dracula vs. an Arthurian knight in “Unholy Grail”, vicious predators vs. space miners in “Harvest”, a renown naturalist vs. unnatural terrors in “Mr. Darwin’s Zoo of Horrors”, and even an Arabian legend vs. a horde of menacing mummies in “Ali Baba and the Mummy Thieves”.

Kevin M Glover, publisher of the relatively new indie comic label, said: “We’re very excited to present this more serious collection of horror shorts.  Each tale of terror ends with an ironic twist, ala the old ‘Tales from the Crypt’.  People really seemed to love our companion comic mag, the frighteningly funny ‘FRACTURED SCARY TALES’, (currently launching its 3rd print run), but they also asked if we could make a book that was more scary than parody.  ‘MONSTER SMASH-UPS’ is that book. Just don’t read it alone in the dark!”
The first issue of the semi-annual publication has over forty pages of content, with six chilling short stories.  The suggested retail price is $14.95, but is selling for an introductory price of only $10.00.  It can be purchased online at: FracturedScaryTales.com.
Publisher Kevin M Glover is perhaps best known as the producer of the cult films, “Dinosaur Valley Girls” and “Venus Flytrap”.  He is also a multi-award winning screenwriter, published author and active member of the Horror Writers Association.  He can be contacted through his website: ScreamWriter4Hire.com.

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