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Film Review: Lucky Girl (short film) (2015)

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lucky-girl-short-film-2015-Demeter Lóránt


A serial killer snatches three girls from a car wreck and takes them back to his lair of horrors. Will any of them survive?


Another short film, folks! Today we have LUCKY GIRL, a short horror film from Hungary. The film was written and directed by Demeter Lóránt.

Three pretty young girls have been seriously injured in a car accident. A man stops to help them…or not. Turns out the man is a serial killer and general freak (played by Géza Benko) who has something less than help on his mind. He takes the women back to his “playroom” and the real horror begins.

Will any of these women escape? One of them (Nikolett Dékány) seems pretty damn determined to do so, at any cost.

This is another one of those films with no dialogue at all, and it works so well in this case. Specifically with the killer, who is brilliant. See, in my opinion, a really good serial killer story has to have an interesting serial killer. The viewer should be compelled and fascinated by the character, by their appearance, words, and/or actions. Mr Benko really fits the bill. His silent, physical presence is quite disturbing.

The three actresses in the film are first time actors, as far as I can tell. Ms. Dékány has a lot to carry in the story and she does a really good job.

SHORT-FILM---Lucky-girl-2015-movie (1) SHORT-FILM---Lucky-girl-2015-movie (2) SHORT-FILM---Lucky-girl-2015-movie (3) SHORT-FILM---Lucky-girl-2015-movie (4)

I am a little disappointed in the special effects. Actually only in one specific effect. The iconic image that goes with this film is a girl with a large bloody scar across her face. Make up artist Timea Mucha does a pretty good job on the overall effects, but this particular gag needed more. I would have really liked to have seen something three dimensional, considering the make up is shown in close up for much of the film.

But to be fair, I’ve done the thick blood scar in my time. It’s a great product and I use it for a lot of things. I’m just a make up nerd who was distracted by the effect.

Otherwise, this film is quite good. Shades of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, a little bit of LAST HOUSE OF THE LEFT. It’s a entertaining effort from the filmmaker and worth watching.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 3 chainsaws.

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